My Publisher Has Reached its Sunset and You Want to Buy My Book? Well…You Still Can!

When a publisher sunsets, there are all sorts of thoughts and emotions, that both author and publisher experience and there are also practical actions that an author and publisher can take to extend the availability of their published work. I am fortunate that Nomadic Press, which reached its sunset on February 28 of this year was thoughtful in working with its community of authors to ensure that our books would continue to be available through us individually, and through a distributor.

I can’t say that I am happy about Nomadic’s sunset – I’m not, but I did enjoy some time at its goodbye gathering two weeks ago. And I am glad that my first book was published by an organization that extended itself as more than a publishing place.

My experience of Nomadic Press was one of community, which has been more than a concept to my nearly 40 years of writing. The act of writing does require alone time, and I find solace in that time, even when the writing is hard. And at the same time, gathering with writers, working to support writers through teaching, collaboratively managing an emergency fund, and encouraging young writers to share their ideas has always been an integral part of my work. And it all continues.

My poetry collection, How it Happens was published by Nomadic Press in 2018, but my book is still available through distributor Small Press Distribution (SPD). Here is a direct link to its SPD page

And you can always contact me here, if you have questions about How it Happens, my upcoming readings, writing classes and workshops I’ll be offering, and our efforts toward world peace and climate justice.

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